How To Try On Jeans Without Trying On Jeans

kwilliamson_18 via TikTok

Shopping for a new pair of jeans, but don’t have time to try them on? We’ve all been there—whether you’re shopping with your kids or you’re just in a plain old rush, there’s not always time to step into a fitting room and try it on. However, you’re going to be amazed at this easy hack to try jeans on without having to get undressed at all.

The tip began on a TikTok video by someone with the handle @southernwildchild, who showed the world how to try on jeans…without actually trying on the jeans. The trick? Is to just hold the waistband around your neck!

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When you hold jeans up around your neck and the two ends meet in the back, then you have a perfect fit. If it doesn’t reach, then they’ll likely be too small, and if they overlap, then they’ll likely be too big. It’s that easy—and it totally works.

One skeptic on TikTok stitched her video with the original to her own rendition, thinking it wouldn’t work. She took a pair of jeans from her drawer, wrapped it around he neck and boom: They matched up perfectly. “I’m done!” she shouted after realizing this weird hack works.

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The video got hundreds and thousands of likes, from people who also couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Yes I do this all the time and it is 100% accurate!!! Perfect when I don’t feel like trying pants on in the store!” someone wrote.

“Unbelievable, I just tried it and it fits perfectly. I have a beer belly so I was sure it wouldn’t work,” another commented.

Many people also said they’ve been doing this for years—this hack isn’t anything super new!

“Learned it from my momma, always works for me,” someone wrote.

“My mother in law showed this to me 13 years ago when I first met her. The first time we went shopping together,” said someone else.

“This is old school and if you don’t believe it, you’re missing out,” another stated. “This is accurate.”

To learn more about exactly how to measure jeans around your neck, check out the video below.

Have you ever tried this hack? Does it work for you?