Whether We Like It Or Not, These Denim Speedos Are Set to Make a Splash This Summer Season

As a woman, I have a love/hate with denim. Who doesn’t? On the one hand, denim goes with everything and is a classic staple in all closets. But on the other hand, cold hard denim just feels terrible against your skin. For instance, how many times have you worn jeans all day only to whip them off the second you got home to slip on a pair of sweatpants?

That’s why when I heard of denim panties for women, I lost my mind. That’s right, underwear—that clings against where the sun don’t shine—made of denim. It made headlines when a Canadian retailer called Ssense introduced the unique undergarments to the world not too long ago. Denim pants will run you a whopping £235, which is $306 in U.S. dollars. Can you believe that?

Anyway, just as we got over the shock of denim underwear, in walks the denim speedo, AKA the “Jeado.”

We’ll wait while you get over your shock.

Okay so, there IS some good news. While the term Jeado combines “speedo” and “jeans,” the Jeado isn’t actually made of denim. It’s a polyester and spandex blend, so definitely more comfortable than the real thing. But still, one glimpse of the fake-denim pattern on a man’s legs will make anyone wince.

The Jeado is sold by a brand called Shinesty, who says the Jeado is “quick-drying, soft and smooth on your gear”—which pretty much answers all of our burning questions. (Don’t lie, we know you were wondering too.)

The Jeado comes in a range of unique colors and styles: The classic Daytona Dong Sarong, which is the main latest and greatest; the darker Houston Hog Holster style; and the more subtle Assid Washers.

Shinesty’s description of the Jeado is as follows—and describes these unique undergarments way better than we ever could:

They say jorts are the above-ground pool of the shorts world. We’d be inclined to agree. Our denim print swim brief, also known as the Jeado, also known as the Daytona Dong Sarong is just like that, except it is the above-ground hot tub of the swim brief world…or something like that. It is like eating a bag of chips in church. Everyone looks over at you with disgust, but deep down they want some too. And if you’re really risky you’ll combine those last 2 sentences, eating a bag of chips in church while wearing this denim swimsuit. You’ll probably get tossed out, but you’ll look and taste good doing it.

These unique swim briefs are currently selling for just $39.99. But some sizes are already sold out, so if you want to get your hands on the Jeado this summer, you’re going to have to hurry! Check them out here. You’ll definitely be the talk of the beach!

What do you think of the Jeado? Would you or someone you know ever wear something like this to the pool? What’s the weirdest bathing suit you’ve ever seen someone where? (We bet it doesn’t top this one!)