Woman Pranks Her Husband After He Told Her to Stop Online Shopping

Good Morning America

Ladies, if your husband has ever told you that you shop online too much, we have got a prank for you. You might want to start saving boxes right now because April Fool’s day next year could be epic.

Melissa Beeler told Good Morning America that her husband, Ryan Beeler, told her that she needs to stop shopping online. Instead of listening to him, she decided to prank him. He is a firefighter, and the day before April Fool’s Day, while her husband was at work, she started taping up Amazon boxes that she and one of her friends had been saving. She set the boxes outside to make it look like they had all just been delivered. It was truly a pile of boxes.

When her husband returned home, she made sure she had her phone ready to catch his reaction on camera. It looks like he completely fell for it. There was even a surprise appearance towards the end of the video that completely sold the prank. See his reaction for yourself in the video below.

That UPS driver could not have arrived at a better moment! We can’t help but wonder if the delivery man fell for the prank too or if he knew that it was a joke.

Beeler originally posted the video of her husband’s reaction on TikTok. She told GMA, “I had no idea that so many people would think it was so funny.”

Ryan Beeler admits that he fell for the prank. He told GMA, “It’s not that unbelievable. There’s like a package or two here every day.”

Ryan Beeler has been known to prank his wife in the past and he plans to “get her back” for this epic prank. We wonder if she’ll fall for whatever it is he decides to do.

The couple has 2 children and one on the way. As parents, we can relate to how many things our kids need and the convenience of shopping for their diapers, clothes, shoes and toys online. This was definitely a well thought out prank.

Have you ever played a prank on your significant other? If you taped up a bunch of boxes and set them outside pretending they had just been delivered, do you think your significant other would fall for it? Do you think the UPS guy knew it was a joke, or do you think he fell for it too?