How to Upgrade Your DIY No-Sew Face Mask So It Doesn’t Hurt Your Ears

Currently, the CDC recommends cloth face coverings in public places. While it can be hard to find store-bought face masks, it’s very easy to make one yourself. We’ve already shared several ideas about how to make face masks. Find an easy sewing method here. Find some easy no-sew methods here.

One thing all of these DIY face mask tutorials have in common is that you hook the face masks to your ears. Have you tried hooking a face mask to your ears? Probably, right? It can be pretty uncomfortable if you have to wear it very long. 

Catherine from Do It on a Dime has come to our sore ears’ rescue. She recently posted a no-sew face mask tutorial, and she got so many questions and suggestions that she knew she had to make a follow-up video. She said, “I didn’t expect to be making another mask video, but I wanted to address issues of comfort that have really helped me, and I hope they help you, too.”

One of these upgrades is a way to keep your DIY face mask securely on your face without hooking it over your ears. Watch the video below to see how easy this is to accomplish plus an extra tip to make your face mask even more secure and easy to breath through.

Hopefully you have a headband, some buttons, and a coffee filter on hand to make these wonderful face mask upgrades. If not, all of these items are currently available at online retailers like Amazon and Target. 

Many people have already commented on this new video showing excitement for the easy no-sew face mask upgrades. One person wrote, “Great Tips for the mask! Great for the ‘sewing challenged’. Now everyone can be protected, yay! Thanks so much for this!” Another comment reads, “I made a mask yesterday and YES you sent me the Answer.i couldn’t get the darn bands to stay on my ears👂:)Great job 👍Love It.”

Obviously, the safest option is to stay home, but if you need to go to the grocery store or pharmacy or if you have an essential job, these DIY face masks offer some protection for you and the people you encounter. Remember, these are not N95 masks, but some protection is better than no protection. Also, social distancing and hand washing are still vital even while wearing a face mask.

Be safe out there, or even better, stay home!

Are you going to make DIY face masks? Do you find these easy upgrades helpful?