Italian Man Wears a Giant Disc to Enforce the Importance of Social Distancing

Unless you live under a rock, you’re probably aware that the coronavirus outbreak around the world has gotten pretty bad. While the CDC can give you the live updates on the numbers and statistics (we honestly just don’t want to look!), we’ll just tell you that Italy is one of the places that has gotten hit the worst.

In fact, the coronavirus epidemic has become so widespread, that the World Health Organization has advised people start to practicing “social distancing,” which means you must avoid another person who coughs or sneezes by standing away from them by about three feet. That’s about enough distance to steer clear of any droplets that may contain the virus.

Some people have gone to extreme lengths not to catch or spread it and have taken social distancing to the next level. Case in point: An Italian man who has built giant disc to wear around his body to make sure he’s distanced from others at the recommended foot requirements.

In a clip floating around social media, the man is seen walking along the streets of Rome donning the contraption, all in an effort to avoid the virus.

Someone asks the man in Italian, “And would this be the security distance for?” with the man shouting, “For coronavirus!”

Well, duh.

“Wonderful. I can’t cope!” The questioner jokes in the video. (Neither can we!)

While building your own disc isn’t necessary to stop the spread, it is important to take the proper precautions. Wash your hands often, avoid touching your face, and be sure to stay away from people if you’re sick (yes, even if you’re sure it’s not the coronavirus).

To check out the Italian man’s disc contraption, check out the video below!

What great lengths are you doing to help coronavirus from becoming any worse?