17 People Share the Things They Think Are Totally Wrong That Are Just Considered Normal Now

Image of surprised young woman looking in laptop while studying in kitchenCITAlliance via Deposit Photos

There are a lot of things in life that we don’t even think about—we just see it or do it. But if we stopped to really think about it, we might realize that they’re kind of wrong. The problem is, when things become the norm, even if they’re problematic, we just go on and accept it.

In a recent Reddit thread, people shared their top wrong thing that’s just considered normal now. Here are the top responses!

  1. Spam Email

    “We ignore it, it’s just there. But it shouldn’t be.”

  2. Tying Health Insurance to Work

    “If you become too sick to work (example: terminal cancer) you lose your job and your health care coverage. Dental not being included in health care. How is the health of your mouth and teeth separate from the health of the rest of your body and necessitate totally different (and pricy) insurance?”

  3. Making Terms and Conditions Complicated and Long

    “I’d respect a company if their terms and conditions were, in 18-pt font: ‘By clicking ‘I agree,’ you are agreeing to not sue this company for any reason, ever. Also, just so you know, we will collect your data and sell it to third parties.’”

  4. Child Beauty Pageants

    “Why do people care so much about how attractive a 10 year old looks that’s super creepy in my books.”

  5. Child Social Media Stars

    “Putting your children’s lives, including their faces and real names and evidence of their schools, lifestyles, friends, and common play locations, on the internet.”

  6. Snapping/Posting Pictures of Strangers

    “Taking pictures of strangers who aren’t doing anything wrong or untoward just to post up on social media with some snark or judgment.”

  7. Working Til You’re Burned Out

    “Like if you are not giving it 100% all the time you are lazy. And when you finally crash and burn due to lack of sleep and exhaustion from working constantly, you are not hard enough.”

  8. Added Sugar

    “That’s why I started cooking from scratch. It’s still hard sometimes to find ingredients without a ton of sugar or sodium, but it helps me cut down on that. But seriously yeah, why do my frozen chicken thighs have sugar in them??”

  9. And Added Soy

    “If you are allergic to soy you’ll have to pay more for a soy free label. And that goes for any special diet. Gluten free? Up the price and give them less. Organic? Up the price. It’s ridiculous to have to pay more to eat healthy.”

  10. Paper Mail You Never Asked For

    “It’s a waste of resources! Been getting magazines, catalogues, advertisements and other solicitations in the mail and I’ve never once responded in any fortuitous way to any of them. Who actually indulges in that to inspire that potential return on investment?!”

  11. Plastic Packaging

    “I work in retail and the amount of plastic and rubbish we get from the stock is horrendous. It’s so depressing to see all the time.”

  12. And Single-Use Plastic

    “It is the stupidest thing humans can do. You need Spaghetti so you buy them wrapped in plastic?? A material that, if not burned, will disintegrate into ever smaller particles that will creep their way back into the bodies of all living things on earth. Is that really worth it for a little bit of convenience?”

  13. Unpaid Overtime

    “I started adding the phone calls to my timesheet as OT. Never got a call again.”

  14. Perfect Attendance for Kids

    “When my kid is sick, he stays home. He’s healthy too. I can’t imagine having a kid with a disorder that makes them prone to being sick more often and then not getting some shitty little award for not being in school everyday. Kids get sick. It’s not wise to send them to school anyway so they can spread they germs.”

  15. Bragging About a Lack of Sleep

    “Until recently, I’ve considered that time spent sleeping was basically time lost, so I picked up the habit of sleeping like 4-5 hours a night, thinking that as long as I managed to wake up on time, I « won back » the hours I could have spent sleeping somehow. Then a friend of mine talked me into reading the book « Why We Sleep » by Dr. Matthew Walker. Been sleeping for 7-8 hours a night ever since, and I cannot recommend this book enough. Even if you don’t have the time / will to read it, bottom line is : you really should sleep 8 hours a night.”

  16. People Going to Work Sick

    “This has changed a lot since covid, I’m assuming, but people going to work when they’re sick. Not sure what it’s like in the rest of the world but I feel like in the US we’ve been conditioned to feel like it’s worse to be an inconvenience by not showing up to work than going to work sick, miserable and getting everyone else sick.”

  17. Having to Accept Cookies for Every Website

    “It’s made purposefully difficult by companies so you will just accept it. There should be an implicit deny on the browser level, that just always blocks cookies outright.”

What else would you add to this list?