13 Women Who Settled for Someone Who Wasn’t “The One” Share Their Stories

AntonioGuillemF via Deposit Photos

Some people find their other half at a young age. They get married, they have babies, they live happily every after—it’s that simple.

But for others, finding true love can be more difficult. In fact, sometimes a person may become impatient trying to find “the one,” so they settle and marry the person who would only just suffice.

News flash: That’s just going to cause more issues down the road! Take it from these 15 women who did just that and shared about their experiences on Reddit.

  1. Ended in Divorce

    “I will be amicably divorced and officially single on 4/19/21. It’s insane to think I’ll be single again after 13 years. I’ve been living alone for the last year and once I get my second dose in a week or two I will be back on the dating scene (that is scary!)”

  2. He Turned Out to Be a Bad Person

    “I thought my ex-husband was a good person. Turns out he wasn’t. I was finally able to get away 9 years ago. Soon after realizing that I deserve better I did meet someone who I knew I was meant to be with and we have been happy ever since.“

  3. Was Never “In” Love

    “It has gotten better with work. He’s a good man and I love him, but I never fell in love with him. At the time we met I didn’t want or need that. I needed safety and stability.”

  4. True Love Came Later

    “Spent many years in a meh relationship, on and off. Finally ended it and now I am very much in love in a healthy relationship. Ladies, don’t settle! On the long run is better to change.”

  5. Just Wanted to Show Off

    “My dad married my mom for the same reason – he was insecure and just wanted to show off to the world that he could “score” a smart and beautiful woman. After they got married and had three kids together, my dad became increasingly controlling and abusive until my parents got divorced 15 years later. The deadbolt on my mom’s bedroom door is still there today and reminds me of the terrifying nights when he’d pick the lock and beat and rape her in her room.”

  6. It Felt Like Giving Up a Piece of Who They Were

    “It went bad. Staying in a relationship like that for me felt like giving up a piece of me. It’s mature to compromise yes, but do it for the rights reasons with the right person for you. If your truth is to feel safe, if that’s the most important always, then go for it. I personally felt a void, something missing. I felt ultimately lonely and we broke up.”

  7. It Was a Good Friendship—Just Not Romantic

    “He’s wonderful, a big part of my life and my best friend. We’ve already agreed that he will be my maid of honor and I will be his best man. Sadly we were too incompatible romantically but it’s turned into a fantastic friendship. He even chats to and plays game with my other half.”

  8. It Was Draining for Years

    “It drained my soul. And he turned out to be not such a good person. Divorced for many years now, amicable for a few years. Once he met his now wife it turned very antagonistic and mean.”

  9. Things Are Good But Not Great

    “It went well for 10+ years. We are now apart but co-parenting. Life isn’t perfect, but that’s okay.”

  10. They Were Just Too Old

    “I fell un-expectantly in love with a man 31 years older than me. It creeped me out because I was in this cycle of dating guys five years younger than me. He kept giving me gifts, helping me, and taking me to lunch. We somehow were married five months after meeting. Even after a year of marriage, I couldn’t wrap my head around him being so old. I was always holding out for someone in my age range.”

  11. It’s Gotten Better—With Work

    “He’s a good man, and I love him but never fell in love with him. At the time we met I didn’t want nor need that. I needed safety and stability. Now that we’ve settled into life together I’ve embraced those traits he brings, and when I get the urge for something more exciting I find it in other ways. I’m still very much an independent person, so if I want to work on my hobbies, or try out something new, I do (within reason).”

  12. He Emotionally Cheated

    “He emotionally cheated on me because he hated thst I was super career motivated and got stressed out when I lost my job.”

  13. Always Wondering About Divorce

    “I didn’t know he wasn’t right until our first argument after getting married. I was convinced at that point that we would get divorced one day. Im still pretty sure it will happen eventually. We have been married for 7 years and have 3 kids. We keep our finances separate. I have protected myself in case of a divorce. We are great friends and he is a good dad.”

Do you know a story about someone who settled in a relationship?