Amazing New Jewelry for Women with a Unique Feature That Could Save Your Life

The idea of summoning emergency help with the click of a button probably conjures up images of an elderly person who’s fallen on the floor. Or if you’re more imaginative, a scene from a movie that involves either bank tellers or rich tycoons.

Those limitations are seemingly in the past now, folks. There’s a new device coming to market that will help keep women safer. InvisaWear is a stylish piece of jewelry that doubles as a piece of smart technology. With a push of a button, women can call for assistance when in danger!

Company founder Rajia Abdelaziz thought the invisaWear device up when she was a college student at the University of Massachusetts. She wondered why female attendance dropped during evening activities, and learned it had something to do with campus safety after hours. Women were afraid to walk alone in the dark.

We’ve all heard the stories of people being abducted or attacked, and police being unable to ping phones to get a good location. Instead of needing a phone to reach someone, invisaWear jewelry can be activated to call friends, family, or police in the event of an emergency.

Worn as a bracelet, necklace, or keychain, the pieces are integrated with GPS, Bluetooth, and 911 dispatch software. Its weatherproof, inconspicuous design looks like a gold or silver charm. Wearers download the accompanying app and complete a personal profile that includes up to five contacts. You also have the option to add medical info such as allergies.

In order for the 911 feature to work, you must enable the “Contact 911” option on the app. A double-click of the device is all it takes to send an emergency text message to your contacts and the police, who will automatically be given your exact location through Google Maps.

What makes invisaWear’s technology unique is that 911 dispatchers won’t have to ask you numerous questions to find you. The device itself is quiet and its use undetectable to attackers, and your location will pop up on the dispatcher’s screen when used.

You do need to have your phone on you and paired with the charm when you’re out. Oh, and it also works if you’re overseas! That’s right, invisaWear travels internationally. Buyers should also note that the battery lasts for a year, so you will need to replace it at some point.

In case you’re worried about accidentally tripping the “alarm”, don’t. It takes two clicks for the device to turn on and you can cancel the alert by accessing the app within 30 seconds. The invisaWear line has met its crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo and is due to begin shipping in July 2018.

For $99, you can preorder one through the company’s website or Indiegogo. At an additional cost, they also come in packs of 2, 3, 5, 10, or 20 if you want to gift them to friends and family. Though these were designed with women in mind, the keychain is also ideal for the men in your circle.

It’s an interesting and smart use of tech in this crazy world we live in, and the founders of invisaWear have found a way to make it work in partnership with law enforcement. Chic, discreet, and provides personal security? Sounds like a win.

What do you think of this clever jewelry-device in one? Are you interested in buying one or two? Have you ever been in a situation where it was difficult for first responders to locate you?