Woman’s “Crushing” Bid On ‘The Price Is Right’ Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons


Every game show has a unique set of rules that contestants have to follow, and these rules are very specific. For example, on “Wheel of Fortune,” when a contestant guesses the answer to a puzzle, they cannot add or leave out any words in the puzzle. If they add even a small word like “a” or “the,” the answer should be considered incorrect.

Then there’s the show “The Price Is Right.” This is a unique show because it involves knowledge about shopping and prices. If you like to shop and know the general prices for a wide variety of items, it might seem like a fairly easy show to win.

The hard part about “The Price Is Right” is that when a contestant is guessing the price of an item, product, or even a vacation, they have to try to guess the price as close as possible without guessing even one penny more than the actual price of the item. If an item costs $99 and a contestant guesses $100, a contestant who guessed less than $99 will win even if their guess is nowhere close.

There are strategies to try to guess close while not guessing more than a price, but sometimes they don’t always work. Sometimes a contestant guesses almost the exact price but goes over by a super small amount which allows someone else to become the big winner.

We’re about to show you a clip from an episode of “The Price Is Right” that is particularly heartbreaking. There are two contestants, but only one of them can win the big prize. One contestant named Robert would win hiking gear, a trip to Alaska and a Jeep if he wins. Another contestant named Jennifer would win a video camera, a home theater, and a Nissan Versa if she wins. They both try to guess as close as possible without guessing more than the total price of their prizes.

Watch the video below to see how much they guess, how much the prizes were actually worth and why this is a particularly painful loss for the person who ultimately loses.