Heated Debate Ensues After Woman Posts About Pouring Water on a Neighborhood Kid Who Mistreated Her Cat

Kids can sometimes be rough. They don’t always know their limits, and they are still learning right from wrong. That’s why you have to be especially careful when kids are around pets or other animals. The children might hurt the animals without realizing that what they are doing is wrong.

What do you do when a child does something mean to a beloved pet? The answer probably varies from person to person and parent to parent. In one instance, a neighbor decided to give the child a taste of his own medicine, and the internet has mixed feelings about it.

A Twitter user named Shannon shared that her cat was sitting on the fence when all of a sudden the neighbor boy, who looks like he’s 10 years old, decided to dump water on top of the cat. Shannon reacted by dumping water on top of the neighbor boy to show him how it feels. She doesn’t understand why the dad is upset.

Some people are appalled by Shannon’s behavior. They think she was sinking to the level of the boy instead of acting like an adult. They also think she should have talked to the boy’s dad instead of retaliating.

Many other Twitter users feel that Shannon did the right thing saying things like “fair is fair” and that it’s important for children to learn to respect and be kind to animals.


Shannon later tweeted that the neighbor boy is actually 13 years old and that the dad didn’t know what his son had done to the cat when he showed up at her door. It seems that after the fact, now that the dad understands what happened, he’s not mad about Shannon’s actions.

Do you think Shannon did the right thing? How would you react if a child poured water on your pet?