Woman Gets Uninvited From A Wedding After The Bride Sees What She’s Wearing

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When a woman gets engaged, it’s exciting and sometimes a moment she’s been looking forward to since she was a little girl. Now, it’s finally time for her to plan the wedding of her dreams.

Some women know exactly what they want their wedding to look like, and they want everything to be perfect. Many brides want to be the center of attention since it is their wedding, and if it seems like someone or something is going to take the spotlight, their bridezilla side might come out.

Let’s talk about wedding dresses versus bridesmaid dresses. This isn’t always true, but sometimes brides choose dresses for their bridesmaids that aren’t exactly the most flattering, or at least the bridesmaid dresses are often less flattering than the dress the bride chooses for herself. Again, this is to make sure a bridesmaid doesn’t steal the spotlight.

One bridesmaid shared a story on TikTok about her own crazy wedding drama with her friend who was planning a wedding. Alena Yildiz explained that she was supposed to be one of six bridesmaids at her friend’s wedding, and her friend picked out the bridesmaid dresses. Each bridesmaid had a different dress, and Yildiz later told Business Insider that all of the dresses were “extravagant.”

The day before the wedding, Yildiz took a video of herself in her bridesmaid dress and shared it with the bride. Instead of being excited that her friend loved the dress, she felt insecure. She told Yildiz that the dress was “too attention-grabbing.” Yildiz added, “She was very angry about the whole situation and ended up uninviting me after the call. We got into a fight because it made no sense to me since she chose that dress herself.”

There wasn’t time for Yildiz to find a different dress to wear to the wedding, so she ended up not going at all; however, she did take photos of herself in the dress, which she paid for herself. It cost 1200 euros which is about $1,360.


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Yildiz finds the whole situation crazy considering the bride was the one who chose her dress. She’s not friends with the bride anymore either.

Yildiz wants other brides to realize that “another women’s beauty doesn’t make your beauty fade.” She wishes her friend had been more self-confident or picked a different bridesmaid dress.