This is What Happens to Your Scalp If You Don’t Wash Your Hair for 5 Years

I don’t know about you, but if I go more than two days without washing my long hair, it feels like my scalp is covered in oil. Amazingly, there is a group of people out there who manage to forgo using traditional shampoo, all for the sake of healthy hair. This woman hasn’t washed her mane in 5 YEARS, and, believe me, the results will surprise you!

The panel on the hit daytime show The Doctors have quite a strong reaction to the idea of this woman. Before bringing her out onto the stage, these medical professionals outlined some of the things that they were expecting to find on this lady’s scalp, such as a foul odor and oil. Yep, I must admit that I’d be dubious, too!

Then, guest Jackie is introduced. It is quite surprising. Could this really be the woman who hasn’t shampooed her locks in five years? Her hair looks super shiny, healthy, and voluminous.

One of the panelists even runs over to smell Jackie’s head – Jackie doesn’t look too happy about this, does she? – and immediately reports that it does in fact smell like “it hasn’t been washed.” Not shocking. But, the doctor does say that “it doesn’t smell like it hasn’t been washed in 5 years.” How’s that for a back-handed compliment?!

Jackie then goes on to explain to the doctors about why she has decided to say no to shampoo. “About 5 years ago I started to get interested in examining the products that I use on myself, I use on my family, and we use in our house.” She goes on to say that “the average American woman puts 515 chemicals on herself in a single day.” Scary, huh?

This surprising statistic prompted Jackie to seek natural alternatives to conventional haircare. She started off by substituting her shampoo for a baking soda-vinegar mixture, but she found that this didn’t do a good job of regulating the oil production in her scalp. So, today she simply rinses her hair with water, and applies baking soda to her scalp when needed to control odor.

Dr. Travis Stork is absolutely impressed by Jackie’s passion for all things natural. He says, “I love the idea of what you’re doing, because shampoo didn’t exist 500 years ago. 515 chemicals didn’t exist 500 years ago.”

So, now that we know that this woman has the right idea, let’s see if skipping the shampoo is really healthier for you than the alternative.

Dr. Ava Shamban, a certified dermatologist, is given the task to carefully examine Jackie’s scalp. The skin doctor immediately backs Jackie’s practices. She explains, “Our skin is designed to naturally cleanse itself.”

Dr. Shamban then goes on to take a closer look at Jackie’s scalp with a ProScope. The dermatologist reports that there is no redness or irritation. The doctor even says that this is something that she may try with her own hair. Wow, how’s that for validation?

For a more moderate regimen, Dr. Shamban suggests shampooing less frequently and brushing more often. She also says that using olive or coconut oil on the scalp is a good alternative to forcing the scalp to endure harsh chemicals.

Watch the video below to see Jackie’s full examination. You might just think twice about shampooing your own hair!

What do you think about Jackie’s shampoo-free regimen? Have you ever tried ditching your shampoo? If so, did you like the results? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!