Woman Catches Boyfriend Cheating Because Of Their Amazon Alexa Device

Adam Bowie via Flickr

Did you know that Amazon’s Alexa devices store your voice history? Many people don’t, and some people have found incriminating evidence when checking their device‘s history.

One TikTok user shared that she caught her boyfriend cheating on her by listening to the voice history on an Alexa device. There was very clearly another woman in her boyfriend’s home with him, and both of them are talking to Alexa. Watch her TikTok below.

@jessicalowman1 #EndlessJourney #cheatersgettingcaught #alexa #exboyfriend #liar #cheatingboyfriend #alexacaughtyou ♬ original sound – Jessica Lowman

In a followup post, the woman shared, “And just like that: I was single.”

Many people commented on her post sharing that they would now to be checking their own Alexa devices. One comment reads, “Jeff Bezos was doing us girlies a favor from the beginning… huh.”

Another comment reads, “All females running to Alexa app right now.”

One person revealed that she found out her boyfriend was cheating in the exact same way. She wrote, “That’s the exact same way i found out too! Listened in on a full date night!”

While many people may not realize that Alexa stores voice recordings, it’s not exactly a secret feature, and Amazon also explains that these recordings can be deleted.

On the Amazon website, the company explains, “Your Alexa history is your collected requests and voice interactions with Alexa that are associated with your account. Accessing your Alexa history allows you to review and listen to the requests that your Alexa-enabled device has recorded. Your history is not only a means to understand how Alexa works, but offers an easy way to listen to your Alexa recordings and choose any you would like to delete.”

Amazon also addresses the question of when exactly Alexa is listening. According to the company, Alexa is not listening to everything you say. Alexa is only listening when you make a request. According to Amazon, “When you have a request, you first need to say the wake word, which by default is ‘Alexa.’ Only after your Echo device detects the wake word is Alexa listening to your requests.”

Do you own an Amazon Alexa device? Did you know that Alexa saves your voice recordings? Are you going to go listen to your recordings? Does this feature concern you at all?