Woman Is Banned From A Flight When She Arrived To The Airport Wearing A Bikini

Back in August 2023, one social media influencer who goes by Kine-Chan on Instagram, shared what she described as an “annoying situation.” Then she went on to share that almost missed her flight because of the way she was dressed, or more specifically, the lack of clothing she was wearing.

Kine-Chan is a Brazilian influencer with over 800,000 followers. She regularly posts pictures and videos of herself wearing minimal clothing, such as a bikini, but while bikini pics may be perfectly fine on Instagram, they’re apparently not considered appropriate in airports.

In a translation of her August post, Kine-Chan shared, “Phew, a very annoying situation happened this weekend!” Then she explained that the “annoying situation” was that she wore a bikini to the airport and was told she couldn’t board the flight dressed like that, but she worded it differently.

Kine-Chan explained she was “dressed as Rebecca” who is an anime character, which is why she was wearing a blue wig and black bikini. She was on her way to “an event,” and she chose to wear her costume to the airport to save time. She explained, “I knew I was gonna be late so I got dressed to waste no time.”

While she claims she thought her plan would save her time, it ended up costing her time. The airport employees refused to let her on the plane wearing a bikini. She wrote, “I was instructed to go home and change because the one I was wearing was not ‘appropriate.'”

Scroll through the pictures below to see Kine-Chan’s “annoying situation” at the airport.

Her followers overwhelmingly sided with the employees at the airport. One comment reads, “Rebecca or not, there are rules.” The commenter went on to add that Kine-Chan could have easily worn another piece of clothing over her bikini costume.

Other followers shared their thoughts that Kine-Chan knew that it was inappropriate to wear a bikini to the airport and did so just for publicity. One follower wrote, “You got what you wanted amore, multiple comments and engagement, you can prepare the next controversial post.”

Do you think Kine-Chan went to the airport in a bikini simply to create a controversy and get attention on social media? Do you think a bikini is appropriate to wear to the airport?