This Woman Has Only Been Able to Hear for 8 Days. What Ellen Does for Her Is Incredible.

Four years ago, Sloan Churman had an expensive hearing implant surgery. Sloan, being born deaf, heard herself for the first time at 29 years old thanks to this incredible surgery. But this miraculous technology did not come without a hefty price tag.

A little over a week after receiving her implant, Sloan was invited to join Ellen on her talk show. And Ellen (as per usual) has an amazing surprise for Sloan and her family that will bring tears to your eyes.

The biggest thing for Sloan (besides, of course, being able to hear at all) is getting to hear the voices of her children. She has two kids with her husband; the oldest is four and the youngest is only 20 months old.

Besides the sounds of her little ones, Sloan admits that she’s been enjoying sounds that most people take for granted.

“Hearing music clearly, the rain, thunder, birds,” Sloan lists. “Things that normal people wouldn’t think about hearing. Even my husband snoring, and hearing you laugh, things like that.”

Ellen jokes with Sloan, and her husband in the audience, that even though she’s enjoyed her husband’s snoring, she won’t always tolerate listening to it! Luckily, she can turn off her implant whenever her husband is getting a little too noisy.

But although this single implant has been a blessing, Sloan can still only hear through one ear. The procedure cost $30,000 per ear, something Sloan and her family just couldn’t afford.

However, when the technology came along, Sloan’s mother-in-law knew she had to do something.

What this she did next is heartbreaking: she cashed in her small retirement fund to pay for one ear implant. She couldn’t cover both ears, but her sacrifice meant everything to her son and Sloan.

Of course, when Ellen heard all this, she had to step in and make everything right. You have to see the incredible surprise she has for Sloan and her family — their reactions will bring you to happy-tears!

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