Cher Reveals What It’s Like On Willie Nelson’s Tour Bus

Cher was a guest on a recent episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” She was on the show to promote her new perfume, part of the “Cher Decades” perfume collection. This particular scent is ’70s-themed. Cher described the scent for Clarkson, who was joining the show remotely.

In Cher’s description, she talked about the smell of incense. Clarkson responded by saying, “I was shocked that the ’70s didn’t smell like marijuana.” She added, “I was like, oh, this one will obviously smell like Willie Nelson’s bus.”

That comment switched the conversation to what it’s like to be on Willie Nelson’s tour bus. The two singers shared that they have both been on Nelson’s tour bus in the past, and during both instances, it was almost an overpowering smell of marijuana.

Cher explained, “Oh my God, I’ve been on Willie Nelson’s bus. It smells exactly like marijuana!”

Then Clarkson jumped in with her own story of being on Nelson’s bus. She explained, “I went on Willie Nelson’s bus once, and I got a contact high.”

Cher described the bus as “a terrible old bus,” but she added “he was great.” Then she added more details about the inside of the bus. She said there were “drugs everywhere.”

Then Clarkson added more details of what she experienced on Nelson’s bus. She said that drugs were “laid out on the table.” She compared the inside of his bus to a store saying, “It was like as if you go into a store like some old school airstream in L.A. and that’s the store in L.A. where they’re selling” drugs. Clarkson added that the tour bus was “everything you kind of wanted it to be when you walked in, but then, when you walked out, you were definitely hungry.”

Watch Cher and Clarkson discuss Nelson’s tour bus in the video below.

It turns out that Nelson’s tour bus wasn’t the only place that smelled like marijuana. His hotel room did too.

On SiriusXM’s Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray, Snoop Dogg reminisced about a time he was playing dominoes with Nelson in Nelson’s hotel room. He explained, “Me and him were playing dominoes one-on-one. He whooping my ass, and I’m just getting higher and higher and higher. He just keep passing it to me, and I’m like, ‘This old motherf—er’s outsmoking me.'”

Does it surprise you that Nelson’s tour bus smelled like marijuana, or is that what you’d expect?