Dad Furious After Wife ‘Sabotaged’ His Meeting By Dropping Crying 2-Month-Old Baby in His Lap and Leaving for Hours

fizkes via Deposit Photos

We’re all for parents pulling their equal weight when it comes to taking care of the kids. Moms shouldn’t have to do everything. Dads shouldn’t be expected to do everything either. When two parents are present, both mom and dad should pitch in.

However, parents should discuss expectations. Especially when one or both parents are working, it is important to set schedules and decide who will take care of the baby at what time and/or what tasks each parent will handle. Otherwise, there is likely to be conflict.

One new dad turned to Reddit to vent about his wife and the mother of his newborn baby. He explained that his wife isn’t working right now, but he is working from home. Their son is 2 months old.

The new dad admits that most of the meetings he attends for work are “useless” but he had an important meeting coming up, one that was anything but useless, and he told his wife about the meeting multiple times before it happened. He also made sure she knew how important the meeting was especially since his boss was attending the meeting.

Cut to the day of the meeting, and his wife did the opposite of help make sure his meeting went well. Even though he described the meeting as “the most important meeting I’ve had in months,” his wife clearly didn’t care.

Halfway through [my wife] comes in with my son crying, hands him to me, and just leaves. She not only left the room, but she left the house and didn’t take her phone. She didn’t come home for four hours.”

We don’t know where his wife went, and he didn’t either, at least while she was gone. Since she left her phone at home, he had no way to contact her. He was stuck splitting his attention between this very important meeting and his 2-month-old son.

When his wife finally returned, it didn’t go over well. He yelled at her for leaving him with their baby during his meeting.

I yelled at her that she can’t just disappear for four hours without her phone and that she interrupted something I told her not to beforehand.”

She wasn’t at all understanding. She defended herself by saying she “needed a break,” and that “she’s doing more work than me.” The new dad found that comment ridiculous.

She absolutely isn’t doing more work than me, she doesn’t even have a [expletive] job. She said she was going to stay at her mom’s, again leaving me alone with my son during work tomorrow.”

The Reddit community weighed in with their thoughts about this situation. Some completely agreed with the new dad.

One person commented, “Just wordlessly handing off the baby and disappearing for hours without your agreement or knowledge is not remotely okay.”

Another person pointed out, “She just embarrassed you right in front of the leader of the workforce. I hope you don’t get into serious trouble.”

Yet, some Reddit users warned that the new dad shouldn’t be so quick to judge his wife. This could be a sign of postpartum depression and her way of asking for help.

One comment reads, “Pro-tip: If your partner is reasonable in general and suddenly starts acting ‘irrationally’ a few weeks after having a baby, your first thought needs to be concern, not blame and anger. I completely understand that OP’s stressed about work, but his wife is showing clear signs of mental illness.”

What do you think this new dad should do to remedy the situation? Should he be angry that his wife made him look bad at work, or should he be concerned about his wife’s mental health?