Wife Of Bruce Willis Shares A Beautiful Video Of Her Husband 6 Months After His Aphasia Diagnosis Was Announced

emmahemingwillis via Instagram

On March 30, 2022, Demi Moore shared a photo of her ex-husband, Bruce Willis on Instagram. More importantly, she shared an important decision and announcement. The decision was that Willis was retiring from acting. The even bigger announcement was that he was retiring from acting because he had been diagnosed with aphasia.

Aphasia impacts the way a person is able to communicate. It impacts different people differently. Some people have trouble understanding what other people are saying. Some people can understand what others are saying but have trouble speaking so that others can understand what they are saying. Some people have trouble both understanding what others are saying and speaking so they can be understood.

Willis’s current wife, Emma Hemming Willis, has previously spoken out about how hard it is on her own mental health dealing with her husband’s condition and the needs of her family. She explained, “Someone told me, not long ago, that when you take too close care of someone, you end up not taking care of yourself. That stopped me in my tracks and really made me react.”

Since then, Hemming Willis has tried to take care of herself while taking care of her family, and it seems that despite the difficult phase of life they are in, there is joy as well.

Hemming Willis recently shared a video on Instagram that included a montage of pictures and videos from the summer. She captioned the post, “We don’t believe in perfection over here but #oursummer2022 was pretty close to it. In fact it was magic.”

In the video, Willis, Hemming Willis, and their children are seen enjoying a variety of fun summer activities together. They look happy, and in the comments, this post is getting a lot of love. Moore commented with a simple red heart emoji. Kimora Lee Simmons wrote, “Beautiful Emma!” and added three red heart emojis. 

Watch this sweet compilation video for yourself below.