17 People Reveal Why They’re Single In Latest Jimmy Fallon Hashtag Challenge

@dianecannon333 via Twitter

When you’re single too long, you’re bound to eventually be asked why you’re single. Your parents, your friends and even complete strangers might want to know. While this question can be annoying to some, others choose to answer in a straightforward or humorous way.

For some people, the answer is simple. They just haven’t met someone they want to be in a relationship with. For other people, they may realize they have a quirk or two that turns others off.

In a new hashtag challenge, Jimmy Fallon asked his followers to “Tweet out a funny, weird, or embarrassing reason you’re single.”

While some of the answers will make it on his show, many, many more hilarious answers will not, so we just had to share some of them with you here. Scroll down to discover how 17 people answer the question, “Why are you single?”