We Just Learned Why Dr. Oz’s Show Was Abruptly Canceled

David Shankbone

When children are little, they often get asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The answer may change over the years, but hopefully by the time they’re young adults, they have a clear answer and are actively pursuing that career or already working that industry.

When adults meet other adults for the first time, like at a party or networking event, one of the first questions they might get asked is, “What do you do?” Knowing what a person does for a job can say a lot of about who the person is and what they value, but this isn’t always true. Sometimes a person has a particular job just to pay the bills rather than because it defines their passions and values.

Even when a person does have a job he or she loves, that person may eventually decide it’s time for a change. This change may not always be popular with everyone, but sometimes the person has a passion for something that makes it impossible for them to be willing to stay in a job they’ve been successful at for years.

Mehmet Oz is best down as Dr. Oz. His first career was that of a doctor. He received a degree in biology from Harvard University. Then he got his MD and MBA from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Wharton Business School.

Becoming a doctor is far from Oz’s only success. He is also an author, an actor, and had his own TV show “The Dr. Oz Show” which was on the air for 12 years.

After 12 years, Oz decided that it was time for his show to end. It was his decision and not the decision of a network or production company. His show most likely would’ve been a success for years to come.

Oz developed another passion and decided to try to make yet another career change, this time, into the world of politics.

Oz is running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. He first announced that he was running for office in November 2021. After that, TV stations in Pennsylvania had to drop “The Dr. Oz Show” from their schedule because of a rule giving equal air time to candidates. The last episode of his show aired in January 2022.

There are a total of 10 people running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, and the election is coming up on November 8, 2022. Do you think Dr. Oz will win the election? If not, do you think he will reboot his show?