‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Not Happy With Who They Think Might Take Over For Pat Sajak

Cpl. Tom Sloan

Pat Sajak has been the host of “Wheel of Fortune” since December 1981. He has been the host since the popular game show first aired, but the show just might outlive him.

While Sajak’s health seems fine and the 76 year old is not planning on retiring soon, he certainly will not be able to host the show forever. He and Vanna White both recently renewed their contracts through 2024, but the future of the show is uncertain after that.

According to a source who spoke to OK!, the show’s producers want Pat to “take a break from the show.” Or, is retirement inevitably in his future?

Fans of “Wheel of Fortune” are concerned about who may replace Pat or possibly Vanna when one of them retires. One fans claims that the show is “grooming Maggie Sajak to take over for Vanna. Nepotism at its best!” 


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Maggie is Pat’s 27-year-old daughter. She first appeared on the show as a toddler, and then she made another appearance on the show in 2019 to fill in for Vanna when Vanna was filling in for Pat when he had emergency surgery.

While some fans are convinced she’s next in line for Vanna’s role, other fans think it’s more likely she’ll take over for her dad instead of taking on the permanent letter turning role. While some fans think this is “pretty cool,” others are beyond annoyed at her association with the show.

Maggie has made more frequent appearances on the show in recent years. She has been the show’s “social correspondent,” a title which some fans claims is “made up,” since 2021. One fan explained, “The whole Maggie Sajak thing annoys me to no end. I cringe whenever they show her and her made-up ‘social correspondent’ job.”

The negative feedback about Maggie’s potential future with “Wheel of Fortune” comes after her most recent appearance on the show on December 27, 2022, where she temporarily took on hosting duties. Her dad reacted afterwards by saying, “You were actually a good host!”


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Do you think Maggie will eventually take over for either Pat or Vanna? If so, which one? Would it bother you if she takes over for Pat or Vanna, or do you think it’s “pretty cool” if that happens?