When You Should Worry About Skin Tags and Cysts

It can be very scary to wake up to find an outgrowth of skin on your body. But most of the time, these little bumps are skin tags or cysts, and if they’re not painful or bothersome, then they’re likely nothing more than unsightly. However, there are certain signs your body will give you if it’s something more serious that should be checked out. Here’s what we found out from Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic:

Skin Tags

Skin tags, narrow stalks of skin that bulge at the ends, are usually found on those areas of your skin that rub together (like armpits, necks and groins). Most of the time, skin tags are just annoying or unsightly. They shouldn’t be causing you any pain. But if yours are twisted, irritated or bleeding, then you’ll want to seek medical attention.

Skin Cysts

These lare small sacs under your skin that fill with keratin, and they’ll appear as small, flesh-colored nodules. They can develop anywhere on the body and are usually nothing to worry about. But if you suddenly develop a new growth under your skin, doctors recommend that you get it checked out by a professional. And if you have a cyst that is painful, bleeding or bothersome in any way, you should get it checked out immediately.

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