Wheel Of Fortune Contestant’s Wrong Answer Gets Mocked Online

Hoàng Hồng Quân Official

Sometimes contestants on the game show “Wheel of Fortune” seem to make really lucky guesses to win a lot of money or a great prize. Sometimes these contestants don’t even have a lot to go on when they make their guess, but they still manage to solve the puzzle correctly.

Other times, contestants try to solve the puzzle when it seems like it should be easy to solve. Viewers at home already know the correct answer, and almost all of the letters are already on the board. Yet, sometimes, these contestants still manage to get the answer wrong.

One recent example of a contestant who was unable to solve what seemed like an easy puzzle, was a teacher from Florida named Angie Gautney.

All of the letters except for two were on the board. The puzzle looked like this:





Gautney decided to try to solve the puzzle, but her guess was surprisingly incorrect; however, the next contestant who had the opportunity to solve the puzzle did solve it correctly.

Watch the first few minutes of the video below to find out what Gautney guessed and to find out what the correct answer was.

Fans of “Wheel of Fortune” have not been kind to Gautney on social media. They can’t seem to get over how obvious the correct answer was yet she still managed to get it wrong.

Do you think the contestant should’ve known the answer was “lox” instead of “low”?