‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Goes Viral For Naughty X-Rated Guess, It Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Viewers of the Thursday night recording of  “Wheel Of Fortune” must be shaking their heads in disbelief. A contestant named Tavaris misidentified a common phrase with a dirty phrase.

The phrase presented on the board was  _ _ _ _ /I _ /T _ E /B _ _ T!

When Tavaris saw this combination, he quickly buzzed with the answer. He said, “Right in the butt.” The other contestant Tyra was horrified with his answer, as was the audience.

Then, Pat Sajak firmly said, “No.”

Another contestant Beth guessed the correct answer which is 


Sony Pictures TV on Youtube

Fans got a kick out of this and posted all sorts of responses on social media. One viewer talked about “Wheel Of Fortune” being spicy, another said it will need a new tv rating, and several posters suggested this faux pas will make certainly make history in one way or another. It’s too bad this will be Pat Sajak’s last season. His last episode will air on June 7. Make sure to view the video posted below to get the full effect.