17 of the Absolute Weirdest Real Estate Listings Shared By ‘Zillow Gone Wild’

zillowgonewild via Instagram

Do you ever search homes on Zillow? Guilty! Whether it’s in the town we live in, where we’d think about moving to, or just any random city or state, sometimes it’s fun to just browse different homes.

With Zillow being one of the most popular places to find homes for sale or rent, you know there are tons of different styles of homes listed. To help weed out the absolute strangest ones, a fan has created an Instagram page to showcase those. It’s called “Zillow Gone Wild,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like—wild homes!

Check out some of the weirdest real estate listings we found on their page—and then head on over to check out more for yourself.

  1. This Blue Dome Home

  2. The Blue and Red Horror-Movie Style Home

  3. This Red Triangle House

  4. This Colorful Geometric Abode

  5. This Home With a Bright Interior

  6. The Tiger King House

  7. This Jail House

  8. The Mushroom House

  9. This Pyramid-Style Home

  10. This Oddly Shaped Home Stuck in the 60s

  11. This Floridian Home

  12. This Frilly Antique Home

  13. The Flintstones House

  14. This Modernly Stacked Home

  15. This Home With Diner Vibes

  16. This “Castle”

  17. This Alien Home

Wow! What a bunch of crazy houses. Which one is your favorite?