Watch This Mother and Daughter Duo Fulfill a 100-Day Weight Loss Pledge!

Mother-daughter before weight lossGive it 100

Let’s face it, it’s difficult to eat healthy and exercise consistently. With seemingly endless high calorie temptations out there, losing weight can be an uphill battle. Luckily, there is an ever-growing online community that is specifically there to help others along with their goals. One mother-daughter duo decided to take the plunge together and lose as much weight as they could in 100 days. Believe us, once you see their results, you’ll want to hit the gym right away!

Meet Cheryl Shaw and her 17-year-old daughter Tessa. Both women were categorically overweight, with Cheryl weighing in at 256 pounds and her daughter at 181 pounds.

Because Cheryl wanted to start shedding serious pounds, she made the courageous decision to use social media in order to garner some outside support. On her Facebook page, the mother voiced her frustration regarding her lack of energy and feelings of inadequacy.

Looking for whatever motivation I need to do loose (sic) about 100 pounds…. Get my life back and get into the best shape of my life… I am going at this hard core (sic) …I’m done feeling gross … My life has become so limited …

Along with feeling “limited” in what she could accomplish, the mother also started to have fears regarding her health. In a vlog she says, “My kids will worry about me because I’ve gotten so heavy. I’m a single mom and they depend on me—I’m all they have.”

Cheryl and Tessa used a program popularized on YouTube called Give it 100 as motivation to help them lose weight. Give it 100 has a simple mission statement: Practice something for 100 days. Take a video every day.

Sounds simple, right?

The duo gained the inspiration they needed to start on their journey after seeing a woman named Lakeisha Shurn complete a Give it 100 challenge for exercise. Lakeisha started at 348 pounds and ended up losing 51 pounds over the past year.

So, with the right structure and support in place, the two embarked on their 100-day plan. Together, mother and daughter vowed to eat healthy and work out every single day. What we love about this story is that their plan did not include binge dieting or exercising—they simply did what they needed in order to take care of themselves.

You won’t believe the drive and strength that these two exhibited. In the middle of their hundred days, Tessa even tells viewers, “My mom just worked 12 hours in the ER, and we are still going to go for a run.” Wow! This woman really doesn’t make excuses!

Nonetheless, Cheryl admitted that she had trouble sticking to the plan. “So, my little cheat day has turned into two little cheat days, and that’s exactly what always happens—I gotta get back on track again.”

Ultimately, these two did a phenomenal job of completing their Give it 100 challenge. Cheryl lost 42 pounds and Tessa lost 32. Take a look at their before and afters!

Watch the video below to see how this impressive duo dropped the pounds.

What do you think about Cheryl and Tessa’s weight loss? Have you ever tried a Give it 100 challenge? We’d love to hear your thoughts and stories. Tell us all about them in the comments section below!