Wedding Reception in Maine Linked to At Least 53 Coronavirus Cases and 1 Death

2020 brides are having a rough year. This was supposed to be the year they married the love of their life—and instead, they were met with the challenges of having to postpone or even cancel their weddings due to COVID-19.

However, now that the pandemic is more under control in some states, various venues have begun to open up again—with occupant limitations of course.

For example, Maine had recently begun to allow gatherings of 50 people or less. So if Maine brides were able to keep their celebration to fewer than 50 people, their wedding could resume. Hallelujah!

But what if they couldn’t get their guest list down that much—and fibbed the numbers just a little?

Well, bad things could happen.

One couple decided to go ahead and get married with the celebration they’ve always dreamed of. They danced the night away at the Big Moon Inn in Millinocket, Maine, and truly had the time of their lives. But their happiness was put on hold a few weeks later when cases of the dreaded virus began to emerge as a result of their wedding.

To date, there has been a report of at least 53 cases of coronavirus being linked to the big day.

Part of that is because it truly was a big day. Too big, in fact, as the venue exceeded the maximum of 50 people with the 65-person reception on August 7.

The 53 people who were diagnosed with the virus weren’t all at the wedding, but the ones who weren’t it received it after being in contact with people who were. We know by now that the virus can be asymptomatic or not present symptoms in people for up to two weeks—so people who got COVID-19 from a guest at the wedding may have not known they had it and passed it on to others.

Of the 53 people who were diagnosed one of them so far has passed away from the virus. The CDC is still conducting contact tracing for those guests, staff and people who might’ve come into contact with people at the event.

“Social gatherings such as weddings and receptions pose an elevated risk for virus transmission,” the Maine CDC said in a statement.

To hear an early report of the Maine wedding outbreak, check out the video below.

If you’re thinking of hosting a large event, it’s always important to still take precautions by practicing social distancing and wearing masks.

Have you attended any weddings or large gatherings since COVID-19 began? What kind of precautions do you take?