We’ve Watched Most Of His Movies, But After Seeing This Photo, We May Never Look At Him The Same Way Again

ZeuslovesHer via Reddit

Do you recognize the person in this image? It’s kind of hard to place who it is considering his head is tilted back, and he appears to be asleep.

The person in the picture clearly knows who it is and even identified it as himself in court. That person is Johnny Depp.

In the picture, it appears that Depp is asleep, and before he fell asleep, he was holding ice-cream. While he was sleeping, the ice-cream tipped over, and it has spilled onto his lap and is dripping on the floor.

The actor claims that his ex-wife, Amber Heard, took the picture of him, and while in court, he also provided quite a bit of context about what happened before she took the picture. He explained that he had just finished working a 17-hour day on a film project, and he was extremely tired. In addition, he was taking opioids at the time, and he explained that the opioids made him tired.

In court, Depp explained that he believes Heard set him up so that she could take this picture of him. Listen to his testimony for yourself in the video below.

This photo of Depp was shared on Reddit, and Reddit users seem to agree with Depp that the photo looks staged. The person who posted the photo wrote, “Can I point out that there is no way Johnny was eating this ice cream with 1 hand in his pocket??!! She staged it after he passed out. Spot the sample bruise kit on lower left too.”

Other Reddit users seem to agree that the photo was staged. For example, one person wrote, “The photograph above should be remembered and etched in all of our minds, not for who the camera shoots or the scene it depicts BUT for the person behind the camera, their intentions and the negligence dealt to the people claimed to be loved by them.” This same Reddit user argued that he believes Heard was “drugging” Depp by telling him to take a Xanax when he had already taken one less than 30 minutes earlier. The Reddit user arrived at this conclusion by listening to hours of uncut audio of the trial.

Do you think the picture of Depp asleep while holding spilled ice-cream was staged by Heard? Do you think Heard was “drugging” Depp?