Water a Cure-All for Mulitple Health Problems

Migraine Headaches? Bad Cholesterol? High sugar count? Urine too strong?

Age 15 I got my first migraine, suffered for 35 years. I went to doctors, mostly morons, took endless drugs, got sick from the pain, from the drugs, side affects. All in all my good days out of one month were probably 7 to 10 days. What a miserable life. Near the end of that constant daily pain some times I wished I was dead.

Then I read, “Your Bodies Many Cries for Water” Look it up on Google and Buy it!!!!

Remember our teachers telling us to drink 8 glasses of water a day. I did that. It stopped my headaches immediately. From that day to the next year I suffered 3 bad headaches. I was reborn, life was unbelievable. How I wish you good people suffering from a multitude of symptons would drink water.

Getting rid of a life time of pain I also had the wonderful news two months later at my next blood test
My Cholesterol went down from 239 to 183,

Sugar was 84

My bowels worked for the first time in years

Tryglicerides were wonderful, enzymes in my liver was better than normal. My health improved

and I lost weight. So I started walking every day, ate an apple for breakfast drank water and walked in the morning 1 1/2 miles. The weight poured off

Most importantly, a lifetime of headaches were gone over night.

Did your doctor tell you not to
Eat chocolate? Cheddar cheese? drink red wine?

I’d like to smack everyone of them upside the head. Doctors will tell you to take any old pill, anything that will put them at their weekend home quicker.

Drink water folks, 8 glasses too much? Drink 6.
Most important, buy the book I read. It changed my life. I never realized how thirsty I was till I started drinking water. Need caffene to wake up, no not really you should try a glass of water first upon rising, then have coffee if you want. I love coffee, now it’s a pleasure of mine not a necessity.