Watch this Florida Girl’s Reaction When She Visits A Maine Beach for Her First Time

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A day at the beach doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. When some people think of a day at the beach, they think of powdery white sand, warm ocean water, seashells and perhaps a tropical drink. Other people think of something more adventurous like surfing or riding horses. Then there are people who don’t think of a warm, somewhat tropical destination at all.

Beaches exist in more places than warm places like Florida, Hawaii and the Caribbean. They also exist in cooler climates like the northern United States.

Have you ever been to a beach in Maine? One little girl from Florida recently visited a beach in Maine for the very first time, and she was in for a huge surprise.

Considering she’s from Florida, this little girl’s idea of the beach probably included warm water, lots of sand, and probably some sand toys. What she encountered in Maine made her tell her mom, “I just wanna get out of here!”

The little girl’s mom, Alex Medina, happened to capture her daughter’s honest reaction to a Maine beach on camera, and she later posted the video on social media. She wrote, “When you’re from the gulf coast in Florida & you go to the beach in Maine.”

The video shows her daughter wearing sandals and a swimsuit while she walks on the beach which is covered in rocks. Medina asks her daughter, “What do you think of this beach, Charlie?” Her honest answer is that she wants to leave.


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In the comments of the video, other Florida residents chimed in agreeing that they understand how this little girl feels. One person wrote, “As a fellow Floridian I also attest to being highly critical of other beaches.”

Another comment reads, “My thoughts and feelings when I visited the Jersey shore after moving to the US from Puerto Rico!”

Have you ever been unpleasantly surprised when you visited a place that wasn’t what you expected? Do you agree with this little girl that the beaches in Florida are nicer than the beaches in Maine, or do you think she should give Maine beaches a second chance?