People Are Horrified That This Woman on TikTok Washes Her Cooked Ground Beef

eemilydharperr via TikTok

We’re all for living a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy food and exercising on a regular basis are good things, wonderful things in fact. Sometimes, though, people might take eating healthy a bit too far.

TikTok user @eemilydharperr posted a video to demonstrate something she learned in a nutrition class. She proceeds to start cooking a package of ground beef. At first, everything seems normal. She cooks the beef in a pan on the stove and then moves the beef to the side to show how much grease is in the pan.

Here’s where the video gets controversial. @eemilydharperr calls the grease “gross” and recommends getting rid of it. Then she proceeds to demonstrate how she gets rid of it: by rinsing the beef in the sink and washing the grease down the drain!

Twitter user @poetatoeboi shared the video along with the text “death penalty.”

Many Twitter users have jumped on board complaining about the video because it is either a horrible waste of grease or horrible for the pipes connected to the sink.

Interestingly, some people have been bold enough to defend @eemilydharperr’s video.

Have you ever drained the grease from ground beef and washed it down the sink?