Was Morgan Wallen Too Drunk?

This past weekend, country singer Morgan Wallen was scheduled to perform two nights in a row at Ole Miss. Saturday night, he performed as planned. Sunday night, the warm up acts performed as planned, but when it was time for Wallen to go on stage, fans were shocked to see an announcement on the screens explaining that Wallen would not be performing.

The message on the screens read, “Ladies & Gentlemen, Unfortunately Morgan lost his voice and is unable to perform tonight – therefore, tonight’s show has been canceled. Please make your way safely to the stadium exits. Refunds for tonight’s event will be available at point of purchase.”

Wallen also posted a similar message on Instagram explaining, “It kills me to deliver this so close to showtime, but my voice is shot and I am unable to sing.”

Now, there’s a new rumor circulating that Wallen didn’t lose his voice at all. One security guard at the event claims that Wallen was “too drunk” and that “losing his voice is bull crap.” TikTok user @thunderb4lightnin shared a video of this security guard’s claim.

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Many people commented on the video. Some believe the security guard. Others believe Wallen. Yet many, many others think it was a bad idea to post a video of the security guard’s face because they assume the video “got him fired” and “he won’t do security work anymore.”

Wallen’s label has weighed in on the new rumor. Seth England, the CEO of Big Loud Records shared an Instagram story posted by the security company that hired the security guard in the TikTok video. BEST Crowd Management explained on Instagram, “A hired employee of BEST Crowd Management made false claims as it related to last night’s Morgan Wallen concert and we do not stand behind the detail in his statement.”

Besides sharing the Instagram story, England also added that the employee “made up an entire story that was nowhere close to true. Every detail was false.” England called the “made up” story “laughable.”

Regardless of who you believe, Wallen isn’t hiding the fact that he enjoys drinking on occasion. Just listen to the lyrics of this song.

Do you believe Wallen that he lost his voice? Do you believe the security guard that he was actually “too drunk” to perform?