Walmart Loses $10 Million Lawsuit Against Mom From South Carolina

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April Jones was making a quick trip to Walmart one day in June of 2015 when the unthinkable happened: She stepped on a rusty nail at the store, which resulted in a slew of ongoing injuries that no one could’ve predicted, including an infection that led to multiple surgeries and amputations.

Jones was in a Florence, South Carolina Walmart store location when her ill-timed fate occurred. The nail caused her to get a bad infection, which led to multiple surgeries. Those surgeries then ended up including having to get her leg amputated above the knee and having to get four toes removed.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she has been wheelchair ridden for six years afterwards, and can’t do much on her own. In fact, she has to rely on her adult children for help, even for basic tasks like getting dressed each day.

Naturally, Jones went to sue Walmart for her encounter with the rusty nail. However, Walmart didn’t believe that Jones had enough evidence to support her case.

“Walmart works hard to help ensure that all customers have a safe experience shopping in our stores. We appreciate the jury’s service, however we do not believe the verdict is supported by the evidence or that Ms. Jones’ injury resulted from what was alleged in her complaint. We have filed post-trial motions with the court,” Walmart spokesperson Randy Hargrove said in a statement.

Nevertheless, Jones pressed on and wound up winning the lawsuit. What’s more (like, a lot more), she walked away with $10 million.

“The weakness of Walmart’s case, among other things, was their failure to produce a video that they claim showed their conforming behavior to a company policy calling for employees to perform regular safety sweeps. No such evidence was presented for the duration of the five-day-long trial,” a release stated.

Jones said she’s planning to use most of her earnings on a prosthetic. She also plans to make parts of her home more wheelchair-friendly and pay for all of her medical expenses that accrued throughout the years.

To hear more about Jones injuries as well as her case, check out the video below!

Can you imagine going shopping one day and leaving with an injury that caused you to be an wheelchair? What do you think of how the lawsuit ended up? Have you ever sued a big store before, or know someone who did? What was the outcome?