Woman Wallpapers Boyfriend’s Texts All Over Walls After She Suspects That He Cheated

lovetruthink via TikTok

What would you do if you discovered that your partner was cheating on you? Would you cry? Break up with them? Punch a wall? Devour all the cake in your house? Probably all of the above, right? But after that, once you can see the light again…what would you do to get revenge?

One woman took to the revenge route after she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. After having some initial suspicions, Emely learned that he was, indeed, cheating on her, but it was even worse than she thought. He was chatting up not one, not two, but three different women, all at the same time. Thanks to easy access to his files, she was able to find texts, photos and more all proving that her boyfriend was being unfaithful to her.

The most annoying part? Her boyfriend would constantly deny his double (triple?) life and make Emely feel like she was crazy for even thinking he could be unfaithful.

“My boyfriend consistently tells me that I’m crazy and paranoid for thinking he’s cheating so I decided to print out all of the evidence I found. This way he cannot gaslight his way out of it,” she said.

Emely decided that before leaving him, she’d give his room a bit of a makeover, if you will. No, she didn’t rearrange ethe furniture or paint the walls. She just wanted it to give it that “cheater” touch.

After she printed out all of the proof she found of her boyfriend’s adultery, Emely headed to Home Depot for some superglue spray paint. You can probably guess wha she did that that.

That’s right, Emeley then proceeded to spend two hours super-gluing all of the evidence to his bedroom wall. She even covered the mirror because “he probably won’t be able to look at himself after this.”

This cheater totally got what he deserved! To see the masterpiece after Emely was done with the wall, check out the video below!

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Emily also has several other videos giving more details on the encounter. If you’re just as invested as we are, you can check out more of her videos on the cheating wall saga here.

What would you do if you found out your partner was cheating on you? What do you think about Emely’s idea for revenge? How do you think her (ex)-boyfriend reacted when he saw it?