Waiter Served A Group Of Teens And Only Got A $3.28 Tip, Then Days Later This Note Showed Up


Tipping at restaurants is part of American culture. While it may not be this way in every country, not tipping a waiter or waitress is considered incredibly rude and inconsiderate in the United States. Waiters and waitresses make the bulk of their income through tips, and many people, especially people who once worked in the food service industry, feel that you shouldn’t eat out if you can’t afford to leave a tip.

Sometimes people traveling to the United States from another country may not know that it’s customary to tip here, but international travelers aren’t the only people who sometimes get confused on tipping culture.

One waiter shared a story of a time when he was working at a nice restaurant and received a very low tip. The total tip was just $3.28, and that was the total tip for a large group of people.

The waiter had gone out of his way to make sure his service was great and that the dining experience was perfect for his customers, but his customers in this instance were a little bit clueless. You see, they were only 13 years old, and they were eating at a nice restaurant as a group without their parents accompanying them for the very first time.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. The waiter was probably annoyed when he received the low tip at first, but he didn’t make a big deal about it, and in the end, his hard work definitely paid off.

Watch the video below to hear this waiter’s story for yourself and to find out how the teenagers made up for giving the waiter such a low tip.

Do you remember the first time you ate at a restaurant with a group of friends and no parents? If you have ever worked as a waiter or waitress, what’s the worst tip you ever got?