Entire Women’s Handball Team Gets Fined For Not Wearing Bikini Bottoms

norwaybeachhandballwomen via Instagram

If you’re wondering if all things are equal when it comes to male and female sports, just look at the uniforms the competitors are required to wear. It has never been more clear that not everything is fair than when you look at the uniforms of the Norwegian male handball team and the Norwegian female handball team side by side.

Notice that the men are wearing shorts and tank tops while the women are wearing bikini bottoms and midriff bearing tops. Why? Because those are the rules.

Norways women’s beach handball team decided to take a stand against the uniform. They rebelled by wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms during the bronze medal game of the Euro 2021 tournament. 

As a result of the team’s rebellion and not following the official uniform for the sport, the team was fined 1500 euros. That’s 150 euros per player. The fine was for “improper clothing.”

Yet, the Norwegian team believes the bikini bottoms are really what’s “improper” and that the shorts are more appropriate for the sport especially since the men are allowed to compete in shorts instead of speedos.

Norwegian Handball Federation President Kåre Geir Lio talked to NBC News via phone and explained that the women’s team is allowed to wear whatever they want while competing at home in Norway. It’s only when they compete internationally that they are subject to the International Handball Federation’s dress code.

The team hadn’t planned on breaking the rules. It was a “spontaneous” decision. Lio found out about the change in attire 10 minutes before the match was supposed to start. He completely supported the decision.

Do you think the dress code for female handball players should change?