Viral Video Shows Kendall Jenner Struggling to Climb Stairs in Fitted Dress at Kourtney’s Wedding


Fashion isn’t always practical. Sometimes that’s okay. Sometimes that’s a little bit dangerous but a lotta bit funny.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker tied the knot over the weekend at a wedding ceremony in Italy at Castello Brown. While Kourtney’s wedding dress was a mini-dress, her younger sisters wore long, skin tight dresses that practically touched the ground.

Kylie Jenner posted several pictures of herself in her dress before the wedding, but it’s a video she posted of her sister, Kendall Jenner, that’s getting all the attention.

The viral video was originally shared by Kylie on Instagram but later shared by fans on TikTok. In the video, Kendall is walking up a steep set of old stairs on the way to the wedding venue. She is wearing a skin-tight gown and slippers as she climbs the stairs, and she appears to be practically waddling her way up the stairs. She puts one foot at a time out to the side to climb the stairs, struggling not to step on her dress.

In the video, we only see Kendall, but we hear Kylie who is filming and walking behind her. We can only imagine that she is struggling to climb the stairs just as much as her sister. After all, we hear her say, “Oh s–t, these stairs are crazy.”

Watch Kylie’s video of her sister struggling to climb the stairs below.

Sources told Page Six that DJ Cassidy kept the party going until 3am with Kourtney and Travis dancing to “At Last” as the very last song of the party. According to sources, Kourtney said, “This is our dance” when the song started.

Have you ever worn something that made it difficult to walk? What would you have done if you had to walk up steep stairs in a form fitting dress?