Video Goes Viral: “I’m A Cat. No One Can Stop Me.”

@buitengebieden via Twitter

One orchestra performance recently went viral—but not for the reasons you might be thinking.

Sure, the group is musically talented, no doubt about that. But the reason their video of them playing blew up so much was not necessarily their harmonious skillset. It was because of a stray cat who decided that he was going to join their show—and, eventually, steal it.

In the now-viral video of the concert, which was held in Istanbul, a stray cat can be seen jumping up onto the stage out of nowhere. The cat makes its way through the musicians until his presence is known by everyone not only in the show, but in the audience as well.

The cat begins purring by a cellist, who can’t help but bend down and give him a pat—and the audience goes wild. After all, this was not an expected guest at the show!

The cat then makes his way over to the string of violists, where he’s met with some people trying to pet him, and others trying to capture him or get him off the stage. The cat is tricky though, and seemingly knows what’s going on—so the attempt to get rid of him is unsuccessful. He just continues to wander on.

The cat, who at this point has probably overstayed his welcome on stage, then hilariously jumps up onto the podium to apparently help the conductor in leading his musicians. The audience cheers at this point—even though this was clearly not planned.

Eventually, the show must go on, and the band continues to play with the cat still on stage, enjoying the show from up close. Most people ignored his presence at that point, but he definitely seemed to enjoy the show!

The video racked up over 76,000 retweets and nearly 400,000 likes on Twitter. The caption read, “I’m a cat. No one can stop me.”

“He just wanted to be the CATductor ,” someone commented.

“I will conduct this sym-purr-ny orchestra,” another joked.

“Only for Meowzart and Meowndelssohn pieces,” the cat puns continued.

The unwelcome guest is really too cute for words. Check out the video below to see how the concert went down, even with the cat in tow.

What would you do if you were in the audience and saw this cat climb up onto the stage? How do you think the people playing in the concert handled it?