VIDEO: 6-Year-Old Girl Rescued After Spending 7 Days Under A Collapsed Building Caused By Earthquake In Turkey

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Early in the morning, on February 6, 2023, a huge earthquake shook Turkey. It registered as a magnitude 7.8 earthquake. Several aftershocks followed, the first registered at a magnitude of 6.7 and was followed by another that had a magnitude of 7.5.

The earthquake struck around 4am local time. Many people woke up due to the shaking. Some died. Some were trapped, and more than a week later, some of the people who were trapped are still alive and are still being rescued.

One of the trapped people was a 6-year-old girl who was pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building after being trapped for 178 hours. A 70-year-old woman was also rescued after being trapped for 178 hours.

Watch these amazing rescues in the video below and learn more about the rescue efforts in Turkey and Syria.

These aren’t the only survivors who have been rescued more than a week after being trapped in the destruction cause of the earthquake. For example, a 77-year-old woman was pulled from the rubble after being trapped for 228 hours. When she was freed, she asked rescue workers, “What day is it?”

In addition, a 44-year-old woman was pulled from the rubble after being trapped for 222 hours. Also, a 35-year-old man was rescued after basically being buried alive by the rubble for 205 hours.

If you think it sounds unusual for people to survive for so long after being trapped, you’re right. CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, thinks that the freezing cold weather in Turkey may have had something to do with why these survivors were able to survive for such a long time. He theorized that the cold weather “may reduce the demands for water. Perhaps that is playing into this.” He added, “There is not a lot of data on how long people could survive in these situations but we are seeing those rescues 200 hours out.”