This Police Officer Wants To Educate You About One Of Your Vehicle’s Safety Features That Not A lot of People Use

Do you remember taking driver’s ed? Learning how to drive is important before getting behind the wheel of a car, truck or other vehicle. Usually getting a driver’s license involves passing both a written test and a driving test. In order to pass these tests, it’s a good idea for new drivers to study their state’s driver’s manual to learn the basics, like what different road signs mean, and how to let other driver’s know you’re going to turn.

All vehicles come equipped with standard safety features such as seat belts and rear view mirrors. You’re going to need to know how to use these features when taking a driving test, but sometimes, long after passing the drivers test, some drivers seem to forget the correct and legal way to use a vehicle safely on the road.

One police officer decided to film an educational PSA where he walks drivers through how they should use a safety feature that is not only included on every vehicle but also often overlooked by drivers.

The video starts with the police officer explaining, “The auto industry has made incredible advancements on technology and safety in vehicles, but what if I told you there was a feature on every car that’s standard that not only will prevent crashes but also help prevent road rage a little bit. Let me show you.”

Then the officer walks over to his police car and proceeds to demonstrate exactly how to use this safety feature on his vehicle. He shows how to use the feature and also shows how the car responds. In addition, he explains exactly why it’s important to use this safety feature

Watch this officer’s PSA for yourself in the video below to find out what this safety feature is and how to use it.

Obviously this officer was being sarcastic by pretending the drivers don’t know their cars have turn signals or that drivers don’t know how to use the turn signals. In most cases, drivers do know this, but for whatever reason, they sometimes choose not to use them.

Many people commented on this officer’s video sharing how often they do or do not use their turn signals. One comment reads, “I use turn signals even on dirt roads at 4am when I’m just cruising about in the middle of nowhere with no other cars. It’s one of my better habits.”

Another viewer wrote, “You may think he’s just poking fun, but this really is how you have to talk to adults nowadays.”

Another person matched the officer’s sarcasm by writing, “I have been using hand signals all this time. I have been wondering why nobody else does. I was taught to use hand signals when I learned to drive in my early adulthood, back in the 1900s. Cars were new, and we needed some way to show what direction we were going. And those lights on cars were just so unreliable. It’s amazing that they came up with this awesome technology. Now I don’t have to use hand signals. Great!”

Do you always use your turn signals? What do you think of this police officer’s PSA? Do you think it will inspire other drivers to use their turn signals consistently?