Vegan Runner Asks Those Cooking Meat To Close Their Windows

There are two types of people in this world: Those who eat meat and those who don’t. Then there are those who don’t eat meat on top of not eating any type of animal products at all—meet the vegans.

There’s nothing wrong with being vegan. In fact, plant-based diets like those who eat vegan have many health benefits, like maintaining a healthy weight, protecting against certain diseases, and possibly even living longer.

But there’s nothing wrong with eating meat, either. In fact, meat eaters can reap lots of health benefits as well, such as retaining muscle mass and gaining stronger bones.

However, being vegan or a meat eater is sort of like choosing political sides—it’s hard to get along with each other. Those who maintain a vegan diet often try to persuade meat eaters to do the same, and meat eaters scoff at the idea of not getting to cut into a thick slice of steak.

Recently, the battle between vegan eaters and meat eaters was made even more apparent when someone tweeted a thread of a vegan asking meat eaters to close their windows when cooking meat.

The vegan who wrote the thread was a runner, who explained that “it’s always hard for me this time of year when the weather starts warming up and folks start opening their windows.”

Why, you wonder? Well, “several nights a week, I’m out running around dinnertime and when people have their windows open I can smell what they are cooking,” she explains. “I’ve noticed a sharp uptick recently in smells of folks cooking meat and it can be quite overpowering.”

She goes on to explain that the “odor is offensive” and she’s “hoping [the] community can have some empathy for its #plantbased neighbors by closing their windows if they are cooking meat.” She also requested that they “only put vegetable son their bbq.”

Well, meat eaters did not respond to the message with open arms.

“I would roast an entire goat right outside just to spite him,” someone responded.

“You know what else smells terrible? Runners. Have some respect, exercise indoors with all the windows locked,” another person replied.

“As a carnivore bbq chef, it’s always hard for me this time of year when the weather starts warming up and vegan runners start running by my windows,” said another, mocking the initial post.

Someone even compared the situation to being pregnant, but noted they still didn’t think it was okay to tell people what they could consume. “When I was pregnant, the smell of coffee made me suddenly and violently ill. I still managed to not tell people they couldn’t drink or new it,” she said.

Well, we don’t think anyone will be forgoing their nighttime burgers any time soon.

What’s your take on the situation? Do you think a vegan runner has any right to ask meat eaters when they prepare their food and how? What would you say to this runner if given the chance?