Valerie Bertinelli Reveals Why She Was “Ghosted” by Food Network

In an unexpected turn of events, actress and television personality Valerie Bertinelli recently disclosed the circumstances surrounding her departure from Food Network’s beloved show, Kids Baking Championship. The revelation came through a series of candid posts on her Instagram, shedding light on her feelings and the lack of communication about her exit.

Bertinelli had been an integral part of the Kids Baking Championship, co-hosting the show alongside Duff Goldman since 2015. However, her Instagram announcement on January 20 took many fans by surprise when she shared that she would not be returning to the competition series.

Clarifying the situation, Bertinelli responded to media coverage that suggested talks had stalled between her and Food Network. She emphasized that there were no talks in the first place, leaving her without the opportunity to negotiate her continued role on the show. Expressing her initial suspicions, she mentioned noticing her absence from holiday specials, which hinted at the likelihood of her departure.

In a rather unconventional move, Bertinelli revealed that she learned about not being asked back through a text from a third party, describing the experience as being “basically ghosted.” Despite this unexpected turn of events, she maintained a gracious attitude, expressing no ill will towards anyone at Food Network. Acknowledging the nature of the industry, she stated, “I understand business is business. But I won’t tolerate lies. I am a lot of things, but I am not greedy, nor am I a liar.”

The actress also shared a heartfelt video on Instagram, opening up about how the news deeply affected her. While logically understanding the business aspect and potential budget cuts, Bertinelli admitted the emotional impact of not being asked back to Kids Baking Championship, emphasizing how much she cherished her time on the show.

In the video, she expressed appreciation for her co-host, the dedicated crew, and the young bakers who participated in the competition. Offering words of encouragement to the upcoming contestants, Bertinelli stressed that each participant is there for a reason and reminded them that a single setback doesn’t define their baking prowess.

Hear more from her in the video below.


As the news continues to circulate, fans are left speculating about the future dynamics of Kids Baking Championship and eagerly await any response or clarification from Food Network. The unexpected departure of Valerie Bertinelli has undoubtedly left a void on the show, and viewers are curious to see how the network will address this unexpected turn in the popular baking competition.

How do you think Valerie Bertinelli’s exit will impact the dynamic of Kids Baking Championship, and what changes do you anticipate for the upcoming season?