Here’s How Long You Should Wait To Get A Vaccine/Booster After Being Sick From COVID-19

You did it. You got vaccinated for Covid-19. In fact, you’re fully vaccinated but due for a booster shot. Then you start to realize you’re having some cold symptoms, and you decide to get a Covid test just to rule that out. Or perhaps you’re not having any Covid symptoms at all but you need to take a Covid test for work, school or travel. The Covid test comes back positive.

Don’t worry. Most people who are fully vaccinated for Covid-19 have relatively mild symptoms if they get a breakthrough case, and the latest CDC guidelines mean that you only need to isolate for 5 days assuming you are asymptomatic or your symptoms are going away.

After getting Covid, you might be even more eager to get a booster shot so that you don’t risk getting Covid again. A lot of people have been wondering when it is okay to get a vaccine booster shot after getting Covid-19. Can you get a booster shot as soon as the 5 days of isolation ends? Should you wait longer?

Thankfully, we have that answer for you from Dr. Darien Sutton. He gave a clear answer to when to get a Covid-19 booster shot after testing positive for Covid-19 plus answers to other common questions like how many times it is ok to wear an N95 face mask. Watch the video below for all the details.

Perhaps you tested positive for Covid-19 but have not been vaccinated or you only received the first shot out of two shots. According to the CDC’s website, you should wait until you no longer have symptoms and when the isolation period has ended before going to get vaccinated.

Do you know anyone who is fully vaccinated and still ended up getting Covid-19? Have you gotten your booster shot? Does it surprise you that you can get a booster shot just 10 days after testing positive for Covid-19?