CDC Says That Fully Vaccinated People Can Stop Wearing Masks Indoors and Outdoors

HayDmitriy via Deposit Photos

If you’re already fully vaccinated for COVID-19, it might be kind of frustrating to be told that you still have to wear a face mask and practice social distancing. Part of the point of getting vaccinated is to safely get back to life as normal, right?

We have good news. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated their guidance for people who are fully vaccinated. You are considered fully vaccinated if at least 2 weeks have passed since your second Moderna or Pfizer shot or your single-dose Johnson & Johnson shot.

The CDC now advises that if you are fully vaccinated, “You can resume activities that you did prior to the pandemic.” Not only that, but you can resume those “activities without wearing a mask or staying 6 feet apart.” 

Are you cheering yet?

There are a few exceptions to the CDC’s advice. You still need to follow rules set by local governments, businesses and workplaces. For example, if your state or office has a mask mandate, you still need to abide by that. If a venue requires that guests stay 6 feet apart, you need to follow that. However, that is the exception and no longer the rule.

Even if you are fully vaccinated, the CDC still advises wearing a face mask in healthcare settings like doctors offices and hospitals and in public transportation settings like on buses and airplanes.

Although you will need to wear a face mask on an airplane, if you have are fully vaccinated, you will not need to get tested for COVID-19 before or after you travel unless it is required by your destination. It will not be required by the United States.

Have you been fully vaccinated for COVID-19? Are you excited about the news that the CDC no longer advises wearing face masks indoors or outdoors if you’ve been fully vaccinated? Is there a mask mandate where you live? What activities did you give up during the pandemic that you are looking forward to resuming?