CDC Updates Guidance to Say Fully Vaccinated People Can Travel Without Being Tested or Quarantining

In 2020, many people ended up cancelling their travel plans due to the pandemic. Perhaps it was a family vacation, a reunion or a business trip. Perhaps you’re still dreaming about when you’ll be able to rebook that postponed trip. If you’re fully vaccinated for COVID-19, you might want to start looking at flights now.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated their guidelines about travel. Now, the CDC says that anyone who is fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (that means 2 doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) can travel throughout the United States without getting tested for COVID-19 or quarantining.

As far as international travel, the CDC adds that a COVID-19 test is not necessary unless your destination requires it. Watch the video below for more details.

If you do decide to travel internationally, the CDC advises getting a COVID-19 test before returning to the United States even if you are fully vaccinated, but when you return, you do not need to quarantine.

Regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not, the CDC still recommends wearing a face mask, social distancing and avoiding crowds.

Perhaps you want to travel to visit friends and family. If you would rather wait until social distancing and wearing a face mask is no longer necessary so you could, for example, give your siblings a hug, the CDC has some potentially good news.

According to the CDC, it is also now okay for fully vaccinated people to visit indoors with other fully vaccinated people without social distancing or wearing face masks. If you’re fully vaccinated but want to visit with unvaccinated friends or family members, the CDC says that is okay as long as the unvaccinated people are low risk for serious complications from COVID-19.

Have you gotten vaccinated yet? Are you looking forward to traveling again? Do these new guidelines make you feel motivated to make travel plans sooner rather than later? If you haven’t gotten vaccinated yet, do these new travel guidelines make you more likely to get vaccinated for COVID-19?