Your Body Will Warn You About a UTI With These 6 Signals

If you’ve ever had a urinary tract infection, otherwise known as a UTI, you know just how incredibly painful the experience can be! And if you have never had the pleasure (not!) of suffering through one, then it’s time that you thank your lucky stars. There’s nothing quite like enduring a days-on-end feeling like you have to pee, even though you don’t!

Now, what if we told you that your body has ways of communicating an approaching UTI hours and, sometimes days, before any of the painful symptoms start? It just could be the one key that might save you from entering that painful spiral before the antibiotics kick in! Here are a few signs to look out for…

  1. You feel like you have to go Number One ALL of the time

    Frequent urinary urgency doesn’t just come about when you are drinking too much coffee during the workday; it can also be the first sign that something is awry inside your body. This troublesome, but all-too-common UTI symptom occurs when the irritated bladder muscle is bearing near-constant involuntary contractions. Poor bladder. Poor you!

  2. Your pee doesn’t look quite right

    Did you know that the color of your pee has a direct correlation to your overall health? In best case scenarios, you’ll want to aim for a very pale yellow hue—this means that you’re staying properly hydrated throughout the day! But if you notice that your urine is cloudy, bloody, or discolored, it could be one of the first signs that you are soon going to be in a world of hurt from a UTI. Best to make a call to your doc, STAT!

  3. Your pee doesn’t smell quite right

    Not to gross you guys out, but a hallmark of a urinary tract infection is smelly urine. So, what constitutes smelly urine, exactly? Well, according to medical experts, when the female body is affected by a UTI, the urine will take on a foul odor that, as described by Healthline, sometimes mimics a “strong fish smell.”

    Don’t kill the messenger! They said it, we didn’t!

    Now, the reason that the urine may give off this smell is that UTIs often bring along high protein levels with them, which can change the scent of your pee. So, unless you’ve just eaten a ton of asparagus, this is yet another symptom that shouldn’t be ignored!

Who knew that some of these relatively innocuous indicators could be signs of a full-blown UTI? To learn more about these signs and to unlock the three other first clues of urinary tract infections, be sure to watch the video below. Thanks to these helpful tips, we’ll be much more on top of what our body is trying to communicate to us in the future!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on all things UTI! Have you ever experienced any of these “first signs” before? If so, were you able to get to your doctor before you encountered too much pain? Do you have any tricks for preventing urinary tract infections that you would like to share?