Man Takes to Reddit to Complain About His Girlfriend, And Users Sleuth Out That Girlfriend Is Pregnant

artursfoto1 via Depsoit Photos

If you’re a Reddit fan, you’ve probably come across the “Am I The A**hole” section, aka AITA. That’s where people go to ask the Internet if they’re the jerk in a certain situation, or if somebody else is the problem.

One 26-year-old recently turned to the social media site to figure out if he or his girlfriend were wrong. The post was titled “AITA for refusing to make any more meals for my girlfriend after she kept complaining about my cooking?”

If you stop reading at that point, you might assume that the girlfriend was being a total jerk. A boyfriend who cooks her all her meals, and she just complains about it? Sounds pretty rude! However, once the readers dug deeper, they realized a huge red flag into why the girlfriend was refusing meals.

The post begins by explaining that the two have been living together for two years, but lately, things haven’t been quite the same. “We both work a lot, so we have both been very cranky and moody,” the man wrote. “Especially my girlfriend who’s snapped at me a few times and been in a really bad mood.” The only thing that can cheer up a bad mood is some good homemade meals, right? It’s something he’s done for years that his girlfriend has appreciated. But not lately. The man says that every time he cooks recently, he gets verbally beat up for it. From the smell to the taste, his girlfriend just seems totally unappreciative.

“For the past few days what’s really set her off is my cooking,” he wrote. “I’m usually the one making breakfast, packing our lunches, and dinner. Literally anytime I’ve been at the stove, she complains about how bad the smell is and gives me crap about using stuff that has obviously gone bad according to her. Or saying it tastes like sh*t, won’t even finish eating.”

His final straw was when she complained about the omelet he made her. He got so fed up that he dumped it in the trash, causing a huge fight between the two. Feeling pretty bad about it, he turned to Reddit to ask which one of them is being the jerk. Thee responses didn’t quite go as planned.

One of the most popular comments was a simple question: “Are you sure she’s not pregnant?”

Well, shoot. That would make sense, wouldn’t it? One of the biggest pregnancy side effects is feeling queasy around certain foods (and eggs are a huge one!).

After many other commentors agreed that she could definitely be pregnant, the man reported back that they took a test, and the result was shocking to him (yet obvious to the commentors!).

“I can’t believe you guys were right about that,” he said. “I’m feeling like a bit of a dumbass for not knowing that lol But anyways yeah we’re pregnant and freaked out/super excited. My girl for sure cried and ok, me too a little bit.”

He added an edit the end: Sent my girlfriend my post. She thanks everyone for pointing out the obvious and about how bad her behavior was towards me. Anyways she says you all are invited to the baby shower lol.”

Wow! Can you believe one Reddit post led to a positive pregnancy test? Did you ever know someone who didn’t know they were pregnant until they had food aversions?