J Lo Responds To Divorce Question With Five Words, See Video And Read The Latest

The rumors are rampant, the Bennifer relationship is fizzling out. Jennifer is constantly getting hounded by the press with questions about their marriage. The star gave a stellar performance with the press when they questioned her about Ben Affleck and their marital situation.

She was in Mexico City on May 22 promoting her latest movie ‘Atlas’ when a reporter asked a question she considered off limits. The unidentified reporter asked  “These rumors? What is the truth? Para le press le Mexicana, what is the truth of the situation?”

J Lo’s co-star Simu jumped in to defend the star “  “We’re not doing that. Thank you so much guys.”

Jennifer seemed to laugh it off until the reporter continued with the awkward questions, she looked right at the offending reporter and said: “You know better than that.”

Simu responded: “Don’t come in with that energy, please.”

Next Simu quickly discussed what an incredible experience it is to work with Jennifer. He said, “Could just end on one thing. Jen is a producer on this movie and the reason why I am here and why Sterling [K. Brown] was in this beautiful movie is because Jen cares. And Jen cares about things like representation and diversity, and she’s a boss.”

There has been a lot of news about Bennifer. Sources close to Lopez informed The Post the couple is “taking time apart,” then People magazine this week quoted an insider stating the marriage “is not in the best place at the moment.”

In another breaking story this week, Ben played with the paparazzi by hiding his ring finger.

Ben was running errands in Los Angeles, picking up his son from school with a crowd of reporters following him. When the photographers were ready to photograph his left hand, Ben sneakily hid his hand in his sweater. The photographers were looking for his ring finger but Ben keeps everyone guessing by switching his wedding ring between right and left hands. Also, sometimes he is not wearing his wedding ring.

Recently, there have been reports that Ben moved out of their marital home and is staying in a Brentwood rental. Also, there are reports J Lo is out looking for new homes.

It is obvious, the couple is facing some challenging marital issues.