Update- Anne Heche’s Estate Latest Struggle

Jean_Nelson via Deposit Photos

When actress Anne Heche crashed her vehicle into a home in Los Angeles, it resulted in her tragic death, but that wasn’t the only result. Her death also resulted in a battle over her estate.

Heche left behind two children. Her older son, Homer Laffoon claimed his mother didn’t have a will and that he should be in charge of her estate. Meanwhile, James Tupper, the father of her younger son, Atlas, claimed that Heche did have a will and that she wanted him to be in charge of her estate.

Laffoon is currently in charge of the estate, but that doesn’t mean that his life is easy. In fact, he is currently dealing with his late mother’s debt and creditors that want to get paid.

TMZ reports that her estate included a “modest bank account, royalty payments, and other residual income from pre-death projects” such as her memoir, “Call Me Anne.” However, it seems that “modest” may be the key word here because Laffoon claims her estate is struggling to pay the bills.

Laffoon filed court documents explaining that the reason the probate case can’t close yet is due to the fact that multiple creditors claim Heche owed them money. How much money? Millions, reportedly. There are three different creditors who claim Heche owed them each $2 million!

One of the claims is from the woman who owned the home Heche crashed her car into, the crash that led to her death. Then there’s another claim from the woman who was renting the home Heche carshed her car into. That’s two claims from two different people for the same property.

Another one of the claims is from Heche’s ex, Thomas Jane, who claims she owes him close to $150,000.

Watch the video below to learn more about the fatal crash that resulted in Heche’s death and the battle over her estate.