Unvaccinated Double Amputee ‘Willing To Die’ Rather Than Get COVID Vaccine For Lifesaving Transplant

When the Covid-19 vaccine first became available, many people got vaccinated the first chance they had. They were excited and felt relieved to have some immunity against Covid-19.

Many other people were not eager to get vaccinated right away. Some felt like they would wait awhile before getting the vaccine. Others felt that they didn’t need to get the vaccine at all. In some cases, people felt that since they had already had Covid-19, the vaccine wasn’t necessary.

Chad Carswell has already had Covid-19 twice. He does not feel that he needs to be vaccinated, and he refuses to get vaccinated even when it means that he won’t be able to have a life-saving surgery.

Carswell desperately needs a kidney transplant, but Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Hospital refuses to perform the surgery unless he is fully vaccinated and unless the kidney donor is also fully vaccinated.

Carswell’s family knows where he stands regarding the Covid-19 vaccine. He has made it clear that he will not get vaccinated no matter what. They know that nothing will change his mind.

Watch the video below to learn more about Carswell’s story and why he is “willing to die” instead of getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

Carswell is not giving up hope of getting a kidney transplant. He is looking into other hospitals to see if any of them will allow him to get the kidney transplant without being vaccinated.

Carswell is not the only person to be denied a life-saving surgery because they are unvaccinated. For example, a man who needs a heart transplant was also denied surgery because he refuses to get vaccinated.

Do you think Carswell should be allowed to get a kidney transplant without being vaccinated? Do you think Carswell will be able to find another hospital that will allow him to have the surgery without requiring him to be vaccinated?